‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men’ – Frederick Douglass

Children’s Yoga Class

Yoga with Youngsters helps children pause, take a deep breath, and look around, acknowledging, first themselves and then others in a class. Their true potential shines and helps promote mental and physical calm. It gives them a chance to relax their tired minds and concentrate in between the joyful giggling and funny poses calmly. It, more importantly, teaches them to be positive and reminds them to drop competitive. In a trance, Cory transports them into a world of savasana.

Teenager’s Yoga Class

Yoga with a group of teenagers is always over the edge fun. Teaching them to be open to their presence rather than strive for a goal is one of the basics of our class. They know how they deserve to be treated. They learn to treat themselves more than just a brain to think and a hand to write as they’re taught at school every day. In yoga, they find solace. It helps them become heart, body, and mind. Yoga teaches them to take a breath and relax. The teenagers are so accommodating help one another in partner poses! They inspire each other.


How liberating it is to pursue wholeness instead of perfection. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Cory is a qualified yoga instructor for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hyperactive Disorders/Attention Deficit Distractibility, and Special Needs.

Yoga for Youngsters believes that all children are natural yogis. They love to play, move, and stretch their bodies naturally, and if they don’t or can’t for some reason, they use their senses to feel, listen, sing and look around. These yoga classes are always beneficial to children with additional support needs. There are always relaxation methods, movement to be made, songs to be sung, to benefit everybody. Those in armchairs and wheelchairs sit at the same level as children with hands and knees – and from there, we share the same physical stance.

Yoga for teenagers feels that special yoga speaks the universal language of touch, sound, and smiles, assisting children in learning to receive and use the contact for body calming and awareness. Children with Autism are incredibly visual learners. Yoga offers itself as a visual curriculum. Animals and nature inspire the postures. Yoga nurtures verbal instructions and imagination, which gives the child space to enrich inner calm and inspire each other. The partner poses help them maintain an ethical interaction with their peers.

Yoga with Youngsters offers children online one on one sessions regularly or weekly. Contact us to discuss whether private tuition is best for your child, either with Cory alone or with the parent involved.